Sowmya Rajendran – The woman who dreamed and achieved

“Nobody’s life is sorted, it is up to us to decide and sort it out” – Sowmya Rajendran

Her friends wanted to be doctors and engineers but she always wanted to be a writer. She was a huge Enid Blyton fan. This not only made her read books but also made her want to write them. Children of her age were fascinated by toys and balloons but for her the only fascination was the books. This fascination turned into an inclination to be around books, to read them, and to write them as well. This fascination showed her the path that she was going to take in life and today she is glad that she had the courage and will to walk the path even if it was a rarely taken and difficult one.

Books , books everywhere…..

Canteen, class desk and even her bed she always had her Enid Blyton with her. She also started writing small stories. Though she started with sweet and childlike fairy-tales, today she is a famous writer and journalist whose work is not just renowned but equally inspiring. She is Sowmya Rajendran. Sowmya Rajendran is a children’s writer. She writes picture books that value fun and explore issues in a way that children can relate to. She has published six picture books in a series titled ‘The Underwater Friends’ with the Think Big Books. She writes short stories as well.

Though she started with sweet and childlike fairytales, today she is a famous writer and journalist whose work is not just renowned but equally inspiring.

The journey of Sowmya Rajendran

Being an excellent student, her teachers wanted her to take up science but she clearly had other plans. Against the preconceived notions of the society and her teachers she took up BA English and then did her MA in Gender Studies. Parental support and her interest in the field helped her stand against the society and shaped her life in a way that she had desired. Her faith in herself kept her going even in the worst times of her life. She had to wait for a really long time to get her book published but when it finally got published, it did really well and got her an award too. This made her stick to her choice and she kept walking on the chosen path without any regrets. She then became a renowned name in field of children’s books as her books came out and each one made the readers wait for the next one.

A venture into the world of Journalism

Though she has just stepped into the world of journalism, she is ready to make her mark by speaking on the behalf of the voices that are not heard in the mainstream. She believes in a society of equalities. She is hopeful about the upcoming opportunities as the world of news is changing, where WhatsApp and news apps have replaced the newspaper. She feels it is important to have the courage to speak the truth and have a supportive organization in order to survive in this ruthless world of Journalism.

Journalism, she feels is not about speaking for the entire country but about speaking on the behalf of voices that have not been heard yet. It is about including them in the big picture and giving their voice a chance to be heard. Moving on she says that along with offering so much, it also has a stigma attached to it. Parents are hesitant when it comes to choosing journalism as a career path for their children due to the diplomatic and risky nature of the job. She feels their concern is comprehensible but this shouldn’t stop their children from getting hurt and learning new things in life. After all this is a dynamic world where things change and perceptions must change accordingly she says. She realizes that a journalist is judged and accused as per the report that he represents but that does not deter her as she knows honesty and courage help one sail through, no matter how high the tides are.

Author of Mayli Will Not Be Quiet

And then this Sahitya Akademi award winning proud author of ‘Mayil Will Not Be Quiet’ signs off with the advice that nobody’s life is sorted, it is up to us to decide and sort it out.

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