Suchitra Krishnamoorthi, an actor-singer subjected to sexist remarks for her tweets regarding Azaan. How pathetic is that?

On 23rd July 2017, actress-singer Suchitra Krishnamoorthi tweeted “came home at 4.45 am to most aggressive ear shattering call of Azaan. Nothing more lowlife & dumb than such extreme imposed religiosity.”This tweet was scorned upon by crores of people around the country. She expressed her frustration on the usage of loudspeakers during Azaan and said that public loudspeakers are an annoyance and are not needed to remind anyone of god. Krishnamoorthi even received rape threats and abusive comments in response to this tweet. Similar backlash was also faced by singer Sonu Nigam who had criticized the amplified Azaan call. Consequently, he was cruelly targeted by the Muslims which later resulted in a messy political controversy due to which Sonu Nigam had to eventually quit twitter.

While some people supported her for talking about this issue, most of the population abused her sexually by calling her an attention seeker and worse, a prostitute. Along with being subject to the filthiest possible sexual abuses, she was labelled as a BJP whore by some offended Muslims. What was more disgraceful was that these people were joined by some politicians who made lewd remarks. One politician said “Actresses like Suchitra drink and dance till 2 am, put their arms around other strange men.” Another politician intervened by saying “Suchitra was a cheap singer doing this drama for publicity”, and advised her to go stay in Nepal if Azaan disturbs her.

These controversies and issues are really shameful for our country and giving rape threats to a woman simply because she expressed her displeasure towards using loudspeakers for a religious prayer is absolutely dishonourable. It is shocking that respect towards another person’s thought is degrading at an alarming rate. Be it potholes or Azaan, if it’s a woman expressing herself, she has to be called names and abused sexually. Such is the mentality of the majority of Indian men. True religion lies in respecting the other person and his or her character. Practicing religion in the name of God and then abusing a person is worthless and pointless. On one hand, we say that India is becoming a developed country and on the other hand there are these issues which crop up every time a person says anything that is inconvenient. If anyone criticises even one religion or sect, we won’t spare them. This is the awful mindset of Indians. These orthodox people justify their disgraceful actions by saying that ‘our religious sentiments get hurt.’ This is simply not done.

These people should understand that respect is the greatest religion that could be practiced and sexually abusing a woman with randy remarks just because she expressed her discomfort towards using loudspeakers is outrageously shameful for not only a particular sect but for the whole country. After all, our own actions portray our Indian culture.

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