Suicide is not the answer to Failure

We all hear a saying from our elders that our life is precious and the childhood is the best phase of our lives when we went to school and enjoyed our life to the fullest. In earlier times, children had content and fulfilling lives. Nowadays, they are so much more occupied with their day to day activities like sports, study, and extra-curricular activities; somehow they lost their childhood, that innate innocence and maybe consequently, a desire to even survive. The stress of life keeps on increasing as they grow up.

At the age of 15-18 years, when the teenagers should study and commit themselves to a better future, they suffer from depression, and the pressure to be the best and win the race. The levels of stress get so high that they commit suicide as they are not able to cope with it. A third-year B.Tech student of Amity University allegedly committed suicide at his PG in Noida sector- 15 on 1st April 2017. He was found hanging from a ceiling fan, his friends inform the police. He was declared dead on arrival at the hospital. Another such suicide case came from Kota, the hub of coaching for IIT and AIIMS, where high rates of suicides are witnessed. Approximately, one in every five students commits suicide with the rate increasing to 57 suicides in 2016-2017.

The reason the article is not to list the number of suicide cases in our country but wanting to know the reason behind it. Why is it that the students lose the wish to live and end their lives at such a young age. Are the society and parents are to be blamed for it along with the students?

Peer groups, parents and society constantly pinch and pressurize students about the colleges they would get if they score 95% marks or crack JEE and PMT exams with 200- 250 score. Parents start pressurizing children to score well, relate their kid’s marks with their future salary and also with the family’s prestige. They start expecting more than required, start comparing their kids with previous year’s toppers and want them to be like the toppers; not for the purpose of motivation, but to be like them and on that pedestal. They put their kids down if they don’t score well and always remain distant from them. The issue of mental health is still considered to be a taboo in our society due to which the victim shies away from talking about it, and they take extreme steps. In a bid to get the best out of their child, parents keep pushing the limits of the student and when that limit crosses, the result is that the student ends his/ her life.

But the whole blame cannot be put on parents or society only, the students need to find ways to de-stress themselves and deal with the stress maturely. They neither discuss their apprehensions with their parents nor do they look out for alternative options. Lack of career counseling is worsening the situation. Students need to make their mind up on what they to be their life, and the parents should support their decisions. Parents need to be patient with their children, and they should discuss the future with their children instead of consulting it with their friends or relatives. Ultimately the student has to study and pursue the career. Career counseling should be done not only at kids’ level but also with parents. Both the parties should agree to the underlying future. Kids need to open up with their parents and discuss their timely goals with them.

The world is highly competitive where only the fittest and smartest can survive. Parents are the biggest strength of any individual; both need to strike a balance in order to get the best results. Parents need to understand their kids’ talent and interest along with their passion, while children need to understand their parents’ expectations. No parent wants to lose their child, regardless of the age, and no kid will ever want to bring shame to their parents. Do what you feel like, but don’t follow anything blindly. Don’t end life when nothing seems right; just wait because life is full of surprises and opportunities. Suicide doesn’t end the pain, it just transfers it.


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