The burning issue of who really is the criminal, them or our ignorance? Remember, when we point a finger at them, three other fingers point at us

All of us would’ve come across the stage, where we imagined ourselves as a superhero, fighting against all the evil deeds in the society. The superhero movies (as they are called so) coming up these days would come and beg in front of our imagination. The dream of saving the world would’ve haunted us all for sure. But, why did the dream never come true? The society had termed these dreams as just a myth. But the social evils we dreamt of, have been given life by this society, then why not our dreams?There are people, desperately trying to turn these dreams into reality. People who fight against the society are those who were affected by it in a way or the other.

Never be a fool to complain, be brave enough to fight.

Institutions like the caste systems have been outlawed, yet caste discrimination and segregation is still prevalent.

This society, as a whole, is created by us. Each and every one of us would have faced some kind of problems in this society, which changes from person to person. Caste discrimination is one of the problems being faced by many Indians nowadays. Racism is at its peak in some parts of the world. The society need not feed the poor with food, but feed them with some opportunities for them to uplift themselves. How many of us swear at the government in the morning whenever we read the newspaper? Molestations and harassment have taken a high toll. Terrorists are destroying the lives of many. Dreams of students are being shattered by dirty politics and business.  Robbery and bribery are standing as the two eyes of today’s society. The Child labour never got rid of us. In some places, women are still treated as slaves of men. How clean is our country (we have been promised that India will be as clean as sky by 2019)? The pockets of beggars are still empty (so are their stomachs). The woman of justice has a cloth over her eyes to signify that all are equal before the eyes of the law and to show that the judiciary follows the theory of blind justice but perhaps that blindfold is now used to ignore many problems of our society.

To fight, the spirit is more important than strength.

‘Avani’ is a brilliant photo shoot by Arjun Kamath,  that convey the story of a woman in a patriarchal society. Avani’s story can be the story of you and me as the struggles and setbacks that she faces are the common problems of India, a country which is still deep-rooted in patriarchy

We all might have had a fire lit up inside us when we had witnessed evil deeds or heard any. But why let time extinguish it? The fear of fighting alone might have hit our heads, but why are we alone? We might have gone back inside our shells whenever a problem raised because in front of it we would have seemed small.

Netaji formed the Indian National Army all alone; Gandhi attracted people for Dandi March (but he was a one-man army in the beginning); Nelson Mandela had no hands to join with to fight for blacks (as they were called, but not anymore) of Africa. People who hesitate to initiate have zero rights to criticize the society.

                                                                                   Gulabi gang fight against social evils

It is better to be a rationalist than a communist. There are hearts brave enough to fight, but a single soul cannot stand against a devil. Let us not restrict our minds to just vote, let us hope to bring up a change. Let us not march holding candles in our hands, instead let us burn those evil heads. Let us not stay away from stray dogs, let us embrace the beauty of their pure souls. The world has seen enough critics. The blame game can be played by anyone, but it takes infinite guts to fight. We may start our mission alone, but in the end, we might have an army. An army ready for anything, an army ready to stand against all the issues in the society, an army to fight for justice, an army which cannot be corrupted, “AN ARMY THAT IS NOW FORMED”. Yes, your soul has now been lit up. Your eyes are gleaming. And THE CHANGE IS HERE!

                           Let us join hands to bring back the lost smile of our motherland

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