The city of Nizams, IT and much more: Once again Hyderabad has been declared the best city to live in

Walk on the dusty lanes, past the antiquated structures, and ancient quarters...

As you walk on the dusty lanes, past the antiquated structures, and ancient quarters; on concrete paths past the glitzy malls and fancy restaurants, you will be struck by the polarity of the essence that the Pearl City so beautifully encapsulates. You will tune into the dreamy trance that the city of Nizams and poets falls asleep to in the night. From appeasing its technology enthusiasts to musing the lovers of art, Hyderabad has something to offer to every visitor and resident of its land.

…past the glitzy malls and fancy restaurants.

With that and much more, Hyderabad, among the India cities, ranks top on Mercer’s Quality of Living rankings 2017. She has been accorded with this title for the third time in a row. Mercer Quality of Living Survey is an annual survey, observed and referenced by various Governments and corporations for deciding salaries of employees who are posted in those countries. With the Per Capita Income of Hyderabad at Rs 2.94 lakh in 2014-15, the city has exhibited a growth in terms of the average income and thus the overall lifestyle. With a fast-paced life, the city has become a hub of IT industry such that it has a smaller city of Cyberabad as a part of it. The people here have made a place for themselves in fields of entertainment, business, and IT. Of late, Hyderabad has also been attracting major investments from the likes of Microsoft, Apple and Uber, as a national technology centre.


The city is an amalgamation of diverse cultures and ethnicity as with the fourth largest population in India, it’s home to people from various backgrounds. Here, you will find a blend of the North and South Indian cultures as diverse traditions infuse into one to live and thrive in the city. Famous for its finger-licking biryanis, the flavours of Deccani cuisine have lured food lovers from the country and afar. The city, especially the Cyberabad region, has been a source of inspiration for numerous films, especially the Telugu film industry. With two central universities, three deemed universities, and six state universities, the city ranks well in terms of education too. Though the main mode of transportation in the city is by buses and light local trains, the city also has a rapid transit system that is currently under construction.

Hyderabadi cuisine: (L to R) Mango Lassi, Hyderbadi Archari Murg and the famous Hyderabadi Dum Biryani.

With flourishing job opportunities, lower crime rates, a better lifestyle that provides for quality education and basic amenities, higher indexes of environmental sustainability, and a history of tradition, art and culture, Hyderabad has left the other metro cities of Mumbai and Delhi much behind, as it continues to be among the top most sought-after places  to live in the country.

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