The fault in our leaders?

The fault in our leaders?-FT Broadcast

“ In a democracy, once the law-makers become the law-breakers, outrage breaks like a wildfire among the common masses.”- Pronita Tripathi

Unnao, 10 April 2018: The nation was stunned on Tuesday by a horrendous incident that flashed across all the news channels. A BJP MLA, Kuldeep Singh Sengar and his brothers gang raped a young 18 years old girl. The aftermath of the terrible crime is even more devastating. The victim’s father, aged 50, is suspected to have been allegedly beaten up by the police and succumbed to his injuries on 9th April 2018, in the hospital.

The accused claim the charges to be “fabricated” and intended to bring disrepute to the MLA’s family. Sashi Singh, is accused of alluring the 18 years old and taking her to the MLA’s residence, her husband Harpal Singh, an ex-army man, and her two sons Shubham and Naveen came to Lucknow on Tuesday evening.

Shubham, Sashi Singh’s son, was arrested in August 2017 along with two others on charges of raping the girl. He family.leased on bail after six months.

Shubham was pursing B.Tech when he was arrested.

“I have no connection with the victim and her family members. I never took her to the MLA’s residence. The girl is fabricating charges against the MLA and my family members,” said Sashi Singh.

Harpal Singh accused the victim and her family members of conspiring against his family.

“The girl (victim) and her entire family are infamous in the village. The girl wanted to marry my son, Shubham, but when I refused, she levelled charges of rape on my son,” said Harpal Singh.

“Now, the girl is accusing the MLA of rape. All charges are fabricated.”, he added.

There are so many different versions of this shocking incident. It is hard to decide whom to trust, in this particular case as well as, in the world in general. But one thing stands very clear and evident: the girl’s father was brutally beaten up and succumbed to his injuries. It is a heart wrenching tale of agony and injustice. It is a shame on the Indian democracy, judiciary and bureaucracy.

When the entire country should stand bowed in shame, the accused are blatantly denying the responsibility of their actions. On the other hand, the members of the opposition parties are taking undue benefit of the situation to present the ruling party in a bad light. Candle marches, hunger strikes and mass demonstrations are just tools in the hands of the opposition to mould public opinion in their favour. It is terrible to imagine that this is the stark reality in which we are living.

The fact that this can happen to anyone, anytime, very soon again runs a chill down my spine. Maybe, there will be no one to render justice and re-establish the victim’s honour even then. Is this the country where goddesses are worshipped? I doubt.  What have we become? To what extent are we willing to get the beast in us rage terror all around?

The answers to such questions remain oblivious until we, as an union, come up together to fight against such evils. We should learn to be humane, rather than just being humans. Maybe, a day will then come when such incidents no longer occur and justice prevails in all grounds.

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