The man behind million smiles: Harshdeep Ahuja

In conversation with Mr. Harshdeep Ahuja: the man who plays multiple roles not only in reel life but even in real life. We got the opportunity to sneak into his life and we were amazed to know that even a software engineer can entertain us with amazing humor.

Starting his journey after an encounter with jaundice, he started making videos just for the sake of entertainment. Amused by his videos and humor, his friends motivated him to post them on social networking sites. Starting from acting in the videos, playing multiple roles to recording and editing, he did all the initial work. There are so many vine makers and entertainers but Harshdeep Ahuja caught everyone’s eye. He feels that his parents were one of the main reasons why he started making videos as he found them hilarious and felt that public could easily connect to it. His videos are in simple Punjabi and they have been widely successful not only in India but also throughout the world. His friends have been a great support to him whether it was the required push or to make the videos or helping him through recording, sharing and posting.

Harshdeep portraying different characters.

What left us bewildered was that the man behind many smiles is shy even after portraying so many different roles at one time. He sets a perfect example for people who cannot follow their passion. Even after being a successful individual, if he takes out time for his interest so why not you? It’s only how well you manage time and how motivated are you to follow your dreams. If you know what you want, then go ahead and travel that extra mile to follow your dreams. There is no other motivation than the inspiration that lies within you.

Juggling through his hectic life as an engineer he still finds time to make videos for his huge fan following and he feels that anyone who wants to make career in this field should go ahead and make their dreams turn into reality. Spreading smile on those gleaming faces who watch his videos is the ultimate satisfaction.

His videos are a source of amazing entertainment and show how is it to be brought up in a Punjabi family, it is so well depicted that the audience can’t just stop loving the videos. With so much of stress in our daily lives such source of entertainment deviate us from the hard reality of life and give a refreshing edge to life as laughter is the best medicine. Harshdeep himself feels that he does not take such artists as competition but motivates himself to flourish in this industry.

A video from his youtube channel.

“Stay positive, motivated, and happy and follow your dreams, “ says Harshdeep. Keep subscribing for some more entertainment.

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