The Niagara of India

I fall from a great height. I sit mighty on the Kaveri and offer people the coracle journey. Sparkling water gushes amidst rocks crashing into the gorge. I carry an ancient legacy. A desire for scrumptious food I satiate. I sit rested in the lush green woods, offer myself as an aroma of life. I am, “the smoking rocks” formed from ‘smoke’ and ‘stone’. I resurrect plants and give life, calling every dead thing in life. Tourists have watched me grow, boaters steer their way through me.

Why Hogenakkal Falls? Tourist Destination- I take you to the world unknown. Medicinal Bath- I plunge you with my herbs, shrubs and plants. Oil Massage- I purge you with the oil of gladness and water that redeems. Trekking- I take you uphill, downhill and keep steady your feet. Boat Rides-I am the life that carries you across the rivers. The Coracle Ride- I spin you across different places. An unforgettable journey. An Island to look out for- I take you to a piece of land, your journey on and explore. Freshwater Fish- I salivate your mouth till your taste buds are satisfied. Carbonite Rocks- I am the oldest of a kind in South Asia. Local Sightseeing- I show you the doors to water cascades and the green world! Me, not Shivansamudra!  I journey you through the water’s coracle boat ride! I show you multiple visuals of the only and ancient carbonatite rocky terrain! The sound and echoic power of nature are heard in my waterfall! I sparkle and every atom of water looks smokey, ‘Smoking Rocks’ I unveil destinations that will hoodwink you!

Boating at Hogenakkal Falls.

Proximity with suburbs!
I sit located at a distance of 160KMs, on the Karnataka-Tamil Nadu border. I am 160 Km away and can be covered in 3 hours. I am well connected to Karnataka by road, bus, train, flight and cab.

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