The Padmavati Row: A publicity stunt or true emotions, the more the boycott, the more the audience will watch it

Images instagrammed by Deepika Padukon

From fringe political groups to royals to political parties, everyone is going berserk since the release of the trailer of Padmavati has hit the screens. The combination of Sanjay Leela Bhansali and controversies is no more a stranger, as his previous films have also faced the same flak, from Ram Leela to Bajirao Mastani.

All of it actually makes one ponder over the fact that why these political parties are so easily affected by Bollywood movies. Bollywood movies are just for the sake of entertainment for the people, though there have been some really inspiring movies like – Toilet : Ek Prem Katha, Oh My God, Udaan and many more but it is rarely seen that people learn or take up anything from the movies other then the massive movie oriented shaadi functions or love proposals.

That’s how it goes with the period films too, people watch them and forget. The fanatic, Rajasthan based, political group “Karni Sena” is irate over how Queen Padmavati is portrayed in the film, it is indecent according to them. The acrimonious behavior of the Karni Sena towards the director of the film when he was in Jaipur, made it to the headlines when he got slapped by their workers. This eventually led to many other violent protests and controversies, among which the royal family too registered protest against the release of Padmavati. The political parties then started to get anxious as such uproar will definitely affect the upcoming elections which will be contested next month in Gujarat. Even clarifications from Sanjay Leela Bhansali did not help in lessening despise towards the film. The protesters are still resolute over their demands of banning the movie for which they also knocked the doors of the High Court but were rejected as the CBFC (Central Board for Film Clarification) hasn’t, till now, given a certificate to the movie so the court cannot intervene. 

In an alternate perspective, this can also be seen as a publicity stunt as the 200 crore budget film can now spend less on its marketing as most of the work is done by the protesters. It has been recorded in the past that movies with controversies earn more, like ‘Udta Punjab’ was produced in 40 crores and earned117 crores in the Indian box office, Bajirao Mastani that was made in 1.45 billion earned 3.56 billion, Ram Leela made with 88crores witnessed a whooping 220 crores from the box office viewings.

Human nature gets instigated to do a thing which they are prohibited from doing and that’s how it is the cycle in India, that first a movie witnesses protest, then the slogans of boycotting do rounds in the air, posters are burnt, halls are vandalized, then the audiences gets inquisitive which in turn does a great profit for the movie makers. That is why bad publicity is also in fact good publicity.

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