The unproven guilty: Hrithik or Kangana, it’s time to decide!

After Kangana’s explosive revelations on “AAP KI ADALAT”, many people, especially the public came out in support of her because of her bold speech and delivery and people started accusing Hrithik of being guilty.

There was silence from Hrithik’s side for long but recently the ‘Kaabil’ actor decided that he has had enough and issued an official statement on Facebook quoting that he never met Kangana one on one. Soon after this, Hrithik went completely honest in his interview with Arnab Goswami and revealed that he was afraid earlier that now he is not afraid to say what he feels and that he was pretending to be not affected by all this but won’t pretend anymore. Hrithik also said:

“First of all, I am not a victim. I don’t think there is anything in my life that will make me think that way about myself.”

Hritik Roshan’s Facebook Post

Hrithik’s lawyer went on proving that the picture Kangana’s sister recently released was in fact photoshopped. Hrithik had submitted all of his gadgets to the forensics and the reports proved that the person Kangana was interacting with was an imposter. Hrithik also revealed in his Facebook post that,

“No evidence, no paparazzi pictures, no witnesses, not even a memento in possession like a selfie was taken at the alleged engagement which is claimed to have
happened in Paris in Jan 2014. Nothing that constitutes an exchange or any sort of proof of a romantic relationship.”

He also said that his passport details deny any travel outside the country in Jan 2014 including Paris where according to Kangana the engagement took place.

Further, in his facebook post-Hrithik requested people to not label it as a lover’;s spat by quoting:

“This is not, and I repeat, not a lover’s spat. I humbly request people to stop labelling it as one and, for a second, try and see it for what it really is.” 

After going through all this Hrithik avoided using Kangana’s name all through the interview with Arnab and only referred to her as ‘the lady’, ‘the person’ and even ‘Rangoli’s sister’. After Hrithik made the statement, many Bollywood celebrities came out in his support. Celebrities like Vikram Bhatt, Vishal Dadlani and Kunal Kapoor took to Twitter to show their support.

Farhan Akhtar issued an open letter supporting his ‘Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara’ co-star. Farhan also condemned the thought of placing blames without hearing both sides of the story and said:

“Although it is true that in most cases it is a woman that has been wronged, there is a difference between ‘most’ and ‘all’.”

Yami Gautam, who otherwise is not very vocal on social media posted on facebook saying that she is shocked to see that a person yet to be proven guilty by the law is blamed and criticized just because people perceive that “women are the ones who suffer and men are always the guilty one”she asked people to not judge without proves and not to make it a battle between genders and rather respect the fact that it is a matter of two individuals and urged people to decide on the basis of facts and objectivity.
Yami further added “If the gender-card is allowed to take precedence over facts and objectivity, it will be a serious blow to the on-going efforts of getting women an equal standing with the opposite sex. If this baseless trial-by- media is allowed to continue, where one party has been presumed to be guilty, there is a good likelihood that people might lose faith in this equal-rights- for-all movement that has picked up momentum in India only in recent years.”

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