The USA government’s step towards ensuring safety of citizens: Electronic Gadgets banned!

U.S. – the ultimate and most powerful nation of the world is undergoing major changes after the Donald Trump’s win for the post of the 45th president.  The recent one is the ban on electronic devices larger than a Smartphone in their carry-on baggage, effective from March 21, 2017. Medical devices and Smartphones are excluded from the ban. The step has been taken due to continuous rounds of allegations regarding some experiments being done with gadgets and turning them into bombs by terrorist groups such as Al-Qaeda and Somalia-based al-Shabab.

A formal notice has been circulated requesting passengers departing to and arriving from the US to avoid laptops, iPads, DVDs etc. to carry with them in their carry-on luggage bags on flights from New York, Chicago, Detroit and Montreal.

No American carriers are affected by this step, but passengers from ten airports in the Middle East and North African countries. Various airlines have been notified about the ban and asked to implement and report in 96 hours breaching of which would result in their abolition on the United States soil.

The officials did not name the countries or the airports and the reason for the ban is not clear but terror attacks are presumed to be the cause behind the ban. But it is clear that the ban has nothing to do with Donald Trump’s visits or orders.

A US government official said that such a ban was being considered for several weeks and that there has been some aviation security issue prompting the electronics ban, thus briefing politicians about the ban as well.

Chances are that this ban may lead to an increase in theft from baggage, which was recorded when Britain tried to implement the similar ban in 2006. Some laptops contain flammable batteries, detection of which is easier in a cabin than in cargo. Moreover, major airports in the US use CAT scanner for checking luggage which creates a detailed picture of the insides of a bag. They can learn beforehand of any potentially dangerous material, and provide better security than the simple X-ray machine which is used to screen passengers and their carry-on bags. Going by the rules, it is necessary to check the luggage for any explosives or harmful content.

Although this move of the US authority is going to affect various flights, airline companies and passengers, but the measure for the safety of its citizens is tremendous and that needs to be considered along with other aspects of the ban.

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