They are Indians too aren’t they?

One of the biggest mistakes in our lives is regretting the things we never cherished in the beginning. Do we all stand by the phrase,” Unity in diversity”? How many of us see India as one whole piece? Where do our patriotism and togetherness disappear just after we finish singing the national anthem? Are we showing equality in all aspects?All Indians are our brothers and sisters by heart, aren’t they? Or is it said just for the sake of taking a pledge? If so we are brothers and sisters, why discriminate ourselves? Why divide our own country?

“Why dream of heaven, when in INDIA?”

The north-east region of India. One of the colourful places where nature engulfs us with her astonishing beauty. It comprises of eight states namely, Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Manipur, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Nagaland, Tripura (also known as the seven sister states) and the Himalayan state of Sikkim. Although we consider this region as a part of India, do we consider the INDIANS living in this region as one among us? They are always seen as strangers by the eyes of many. But what happens to be the reason behind this?

“Though not connected by blood, we are connected by souls”

People used to make fun of their appearance, the way they talk, the way they walk etc, They might be different in their own way, but deep inside lies the same sensitive heart. They have been given the tag, ‘tribal people’, But the fact is, they are more civilized than us. The people of north-east India are often criticized for their food habits and their dressing style. It depends on the place they live, the climate of that place. There is a common misinterpretation that north-east Indians are illiterate. But they have recorded the highest literacy rate in the Northern part of the sub-continent.They are also discriminated for following their religion of tribal Christianity. Is it a crime to follow the religion of one’s wish? The way we see them reflects who we are on the inside, not who they are on the outside. They never failed to mask their pain and emotions whenever racism stood against them.

704 cases have been filed in three years against racism in NEW DELHI. Out of these, almost 277 cases were filed for racism against north-east Indians. Around 10 students had committed suicide due to the abuses they had faced in places, where they had visited. A student from Arunachal Pradesh who stayed in Bangalore pursuing his higher studies was beaten black and blue and made to lick his landlord’s shoes. There are incidents where north-east Indians were molested and burnt to death. They are often being thrashed in places like trains, public gathering etc. Endless protests, infinite marches, thousands of pluck cards, hundreds of candles for those victims have ended in vain.

“Beauty begins in the heart, not in the eyes.”

We have come across proverbs like “All that glitters are not gold”, “Appearances can be deceptive” right from kindergarten. But what’s the use of learning moral values, if we are not applying them in our lives. One must practice what they preach. We pushed them away from us, in all terms. Now a country next to us has started occupying what we refused to have. They invaded many parts of north-east India and started naming the places. They are Indians too, aren’t they? Will we agree if an invader comes and takes away our siblings from us? We won’t allow a stranger to even touch our pet animals, why not show the same love or sympathy for our fellow countrymen? Yes, one of the biggest mistakes in our lives is regretting the things we never cherished in the beginning.

“India is not just a name, it is a history”

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