This guy isn’t poor; he is rich in a different way

One of the biggest ‘question and answer’ portals in the internet is QUORA. But how many of us have used quora in an effective way? Some might have used it to find answers to their cookery doubts and some would’ve used it to clear their doubts, the night before their exams. But this guy has taken quora to a new level. Somebody posted a question asking if poor people used quora and that is when this entire issue came into the light. A poor man himself, Rajana Siva came up with an answer to this question.

Rajana Siva is not someone who is leading a posh life. From the photos he had uploaded, we could see the place where he lives (still, living happily), the cot on which he sleeps (fortunately for him, it still has its four legs) his belongings (his cows, the crops). We have come across many posts where we could see people pose in front of luxury cars and sports bikes (not everyone is THE BATMAN) but this guy is different.

                                             Rajana Siva spending time with his cow(left) and cutting grass for them(right)

From his post, it is very evident that he is not trying to say that he is poor. He is hinting that he is working on to become one of the richest men and owes his knowledge to Quora which helped him gain his job. We may enter this world as poor, but not die as poor. Rajana might not become a millionaire overnight, but he will have many sleepless nights during his journey. One day he will look at his old pictures and proudly say that “IT’S ME!”

                                                              Rajana Siva’s phone(left) and his neighbor kids(right)

The mobile phone he had used (which he has given to his sister now) is a souvenir which will never let his soul sleep before achieving his goal. The poor is not loved by everyone. The poor get poorer if the rich get richer. His ambition didn’t end with becoming rich, it went further and his wish is to guide youngsters to become rich.

The truth is that these platforms effect the life of poor people more than we can imagine and there are a lot of Indians out there from poor households with great potential and great ambition, whose flames of dreams can’t be doused by anything and who are unstoppable. Such instances serve as an inspiration for many more looking to make something for themselves in the world.

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