This women’s day, meet the real life wonder woman

Isha Bhandari, Social Activist

We are living in the 21st century, and have lots of dreams to fulfill, whether of our parents, our family or our own. We hear a lot about the need for women empowerment in Indian villages. But what do we do besides hearing about it or just listening to a speaker speaking about it? We think of ourselves only, but are not driven by these issues.

For us, women empowerment means making women progress and develop, and uplift their social conditions, but Isha Bhandari thinks differently about these issues. She is a social activist who has been to numerous countries, spreading awareness about cancers affecting women, talking about women empowerment both at national and international platforms.

Isha is a social activist and strategy planner for effective operations of NGO’s, with an expertise of about 15 years. She has achieved specialization in community development programmes, that increase the reach of philanthropic support solutions to various groups and communities. And its not that she has been doing this for the past 3-5 or 10 years, it has been since her college days that she has been active in giving back to the society, and driven to do something for women in this patriarchal society.

After getting married to an army officer, she had a whole larger canvas to work on. She was an integral part of Army Wives Welfare Association (AWWA), through which she could reach out to lakhs of women pan India. During her journey while working for Roko Cancer Trust (United Kingdom) in India, she got to know about the lack of awareness in the society towards cancer and hesitation towards early detection. That was the biggest challenge she faced during her entire field work.

     Isha Bhandari

She feels that women should be empowered within their own habitat and efforts should not be focused to provide livelihood outside their villages but facilities should be brought at their doorsteps. Many such success stories can be shared with her. During her journey with Sun Foundation (India) travelling in the villages of Haryana and Punjab she realised how the Indian woman was eager to transform her life and be an integral part of her family. They were receptive to the skills provided to them, and transformed it for their own livelihood. Touching lives of lakhs of women was easy for her with her caring attitude.

Isha has been instrumental in implementing the Pilot project at Madagascar (Africa, Indian Ocean) aiming to eradicate cancer and provide treatment, a platform given to her by Akbaraly Foundation.The project also has partners like WHO, UICC, Red Cross, Orange Telecom, UN.

She has been quite actively involved as an advisor to Navoothan Charitable Foundation empowering war widows and supporting cancer patients in New Delhi.

She was also awarded the International Women Achievers Award. Besides she has been a TEDx speaker in Madagascar and has graced many forums as speaker and as a panelist. She is an eminent comperer  and anchor, her show ‘Journey to Fame ‘on NDTV which is under production is scheduled for telecast soon. An amazing experience as she describes the show where she got an opportunity to interview some distinguished personalities like Anu Malik, Ram Jethmalani and Vijay Krishna Acharya and many more.

Truly an Indian women of substance who deserves applauds and all our best wishes as she embarks on her journey which still continues to touch lives of the underprivileged .

Isha Bhandari is the biggest inspiration for today’s women and young India ,extending a helping hand and giving back to the society.

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