India is paving its way to become a stronger and better nation. Various steps are being taken by the government of India for the same. The demonetisation that was undertaken for the eradication of black-money and corruption. Also, the recent adoption of GST to bring this fragmented nation to come together. The most trending and questionable topic today is the trade war that is looming between India and China. Is it a boon or a bane with the point of view of our nation? The recent decision from New Delhi, imposed anti- dumping duties on 93 Chinese products which has raged a trade war between India and China. Anti-dumping duties are imposed to guard domestic industries from surge in below cost imports, ensure fair trade and provide a level playing field for the domestic industry. This situation was developed after a tensed military standoff in Doklam, the sector in Sikkim. The protest on the construction of the road by the Chinese military in the area by its ally Bhutan was pledged, fearing it would allow Beijing to cut off India’s access to its north-eastern states. It is reported that if India really starts a trade war against China, it will not only hit China’s economic interests but also have a great consequence on the economy of India. Due to this arising tension between the two countries, China may consider to temporarily suspend investment and economic projects in India to ensure security of their investments. With the point of view of India, boycotting of Chinese products will have an enormous impact on the economy of the nation. An attempt to abstain Chinese company or shut down Chinese invested factories will hit the Indian economy threatening Indian jobs. Thus, at this point of time this step would cause India and its economy a deeper impact while also hitting the Chinese economy.

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