Triple Talaq-The Islamic regression?

In the light of recent events, millions of Muslim women came forward in support of a petition by RSS affiliated MRM- Muslim Rashtriya Mach. The liaison, Indresh Kumar, who ‘guides’ the MRM has called out for a nationwide discussion, is about issues involving all the stakeholders.

Triple talaq, one of the most repressive practices under Islam. It allows men to divorce their wives by pronouncing the Urdu word ‘talaq’ thrice. This practice disrupts the women of their basic rights causing grave social injustice.  This means that the man can disown his wife just after saying the words thrice and easily get away from his responsibilities.

After the marriage is consummated, the woman has no right to seek a divorce from her husband without his permission. The wife becomes ‘haraam’ for him and he cannot take her back or remarry her. He can only remarry her on account of her marrying another man and him divorcing her on marital conflicts or if he dies making her a widow. The wife in such scenario is victimized under gender inequality. The husband, however, is free to obtain a new wife and start afresh, leaving the former wife to be on her own. The woman under triple talaq subjects herself to every injustice in the book.

BJP claimed that one of the main reasons for winning in UP was the overwhelming support from the Muslim women who were in full support of the triple talaq debate.

Three factors, I suppose, defined our victory in the UP polls: first was Ujjwala scheme that provided LPG cylinders to poor women; second was construction of toilets under the Swachh Bharat programme, which also appealed to women; and last but not the least, our stand on triple talaq,” said Sidharth Nath Singh, party secretary and now newly elected MLA, Allahabad West.

The great grandson of Maulana Abul Kalam Azad who was an important Muslim Congress leader of our country praised Modi for maintaining a ‘positive attitude towards women’.

“The fact that the BJP did not field a single Muslim candidate for the UP polls did not deter women of the community to at least in part vote for the party,” an anonymous functionary of the MRM claimed.

The triple talaq saga has been in the system for years now. Having a direct, strong and devastating control over the marital life of women, triple talaq has finally received the attention and the movement that it deserves.

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