Two steps forward and One step back makes India a Developing country, still.

India is the world’s 7th largest country and has the world’s 2nd most populous nation after China. As of Jan’17, the central government of India, roughly, had 47 lakh employees while the population of India is approximately 1.342 Billion. That roughly means that 0.0035% of the population is employed to govern the total population of India.

When It comes to making and implementing laws, policies, yojanas, and rules; less than 1% of the population is responsible for bringing them out and implementing it and 100% of the population is responsible for abiding them. When I step out of my house in Delhi, the colony is clean, proper infrastructure is also maintained; however, going a little away from my colony comes a small area which is not so clean and well developed. People litter on the roads, spit on the roads, create a lot of noise, and also, sometimes defecate in public.

Modi Ji’s Swachh Bharat Abhiyan is doing wonders in the areas where people want to progress, and where the people are responsible enough to abide the law and maintain cleanliness around. We cannot expect the government to make the laws and personally check all over the country. As a responsible citizen, it is our duties to keep the government informed. For instance, the Delhi Government started a cleanliness drive where people could ‘Whatsapp’ them the picture of garbage lying around and the MCD officials would clean it; people of Delhi took active participation in that drive and made efforts to get their city clean. Similarly, in other parts of India, various organizations and the respective governments are taking initiatives for a progressive India and the people participate as well.

People who litter on the roads, spit anywhere they can, and urinate on the roads, etc. Such people are the reason we are still a developing nation. As their nature is not developing, they hold the entire nation back. None of the policies, rules or laws work on them as they still continue to nurture their bad habits. I have seen people who spitting on walls which clearly say that it is a crime to do so. Selling tobacco and alcohol near schools and educational institutions is an offense to the law; but, I still see shops next to selling such life-threatening substances to the school going, children.

Such instances that you, and I both witness in our daily lives leave a negative impact on us.  We start repelling our own and call them names. Whereas, we can teach them, and influence them to abide the law.

India is a law-fearing country, where people do good deeds only if someone of power is around and not because they want to. Instead of blaming the government, we should cooperate with the officials and work together to make India a better place to live.


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