Two UP Home Guards riding bikes sans Helmet: too cool or too fool?

Often, we see the protectors of law violating it. It is not uncommon to see the police violating traffic ruled, safety rules, etc.

On 15th April, a man shared a situation he was in on Facebook. He saw two UP home guards travelling on a two-wheeler without wearing a helmet. Out on a summer morning on NH24, he pointed it out to the officers that their helmets are missing. Hearing that, the officers acknowledged it by saying that they know about it.

The man, named Siddharth, went on to saying that he will share this on social media, but that didn’t bother them at all. They simply sped away. The cops were riding a motorbike in which the number plate missing a number. That, too, is a legal offence. The number plate read UP14AC1?63.

There is a big question this situation arises; which is “If the police don’t follow the basic rules, why should the public?”. As a citizen of the country, it is their primary duty to follow the rules and regulations. As the guardians of the law, they make sure that others protect it.

As it is, the rate of people who follow the law is low; and if this is what people witness, the rate will drop further. The police need to recognize how influential they are to the public and such a behavior can cause an outrage.

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