Two young Guns working towards creating a Safer World

Enhancing infrastructural safety through quality and innovation– The story of two young men revolutionizing fire security systems
A company with a motto straight out of the heart

Construction starting from a basic well visualised set up, gives only the strength and structure. However, a building’s true fate lies in the hands of its safety systems installed. Visualising this idea, two young men set out to create a highly revered benchmark in the fire protection industry of the country. A successful 25 year trading venture laid down by Ashmit Sharma’s father gave him the headstart to his innovative brainchild. He never stopped them from dreaming and thus formed the backbone of the motivation cogwheel in the lives of Ashmit and Akshaj Sharma. Setbacks are less when compared to an industry flourishing with experience and that is how W.S Electromech Projects Pvt. Ltd makes it to top of the list. The quality they have to offer is par excellence along with their prompt punctuality.

Starting off with an idea after graduating in Economics, Ashmit Sharma (28) started the W.S Electromech Projects Pvt. Ltd. in 2011 with an ever-constant motto of ‘towards a safer world’. And ever since there has been no looking back. His brother Akshaj Sharma (24) joined the company in 2013 after finishing his MBA in International Business. Their efforts are synonymous with their hard work and vision. They attend international seminars and travel a lot to learn about the latest technologies and innovations in the safety systems. This continued value addition is done for the employees too. They too are sent to meetings for improving their skills and for grasping the latest advancements. The quality is given prime importance. Even the gadgets that the workers work with are of the best quality. Moreover, every project being finished fairly before the deadline with striking workmanship is what makes this company a preferred choice within the leading commercial buildings etc.

WSP provides high quality services in engineering, installation and maintenance for their customers across India and abroad.

From designing, commissioning to installing and testing; WSP provides quality assurance and is a pioneer in fire protection system maintenance. They provide high quality services in engineering, installation and maintenance for their customers across India and abroad. Their services are quite variant and include- fire alarm systems, plumbing solutions and all types of firefighting systems. The company has worked with MNCs and other big firms like Amazon, and is currently working with Flipkart. Having to spend less on marketing, because of the WSP’s rendered quality works and precision being spread through word of the mouth, the work precision is undeniably perfect.

When asked about the impact the company has brought about in his life, Ashmit Sharma talks about the proud moments he revels in, when he goes with his friends and family to a building that his company installed the fire protection systems for. It is a reputed firm, having done fire protection installations for many of the buildings in Delhi and other prominent places. It indeed is a pride to own, a safety ensured, and guaranteed assurance that people can rely on. Working towards their goals with an annual turnover of 20 crores, the company is set to achieve its aim of 100 cr worth of projects in next 5 years.

A raw form of dedication built alongside sincerity and strict work ethics, the story of Ashmit and Akshaj Sharma is a must read for those aspiring to bring about innovative changes continually in their fields. A well-coordinated team of pioneers, this company is set to change all the stagnating ways of the fire protection system by keeping the benchmark high.

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