Up-close & personal with Bollywood actor, Satyajeet Dubey

He was a teenager with dreams of entering Bollywood. He came all the way from a small district of Bilaspur in Chattisgarh and signed a film produced by Shah Rukh Khan, all on the merits of talent. With his debut in the film ‘Always Kabhi Kabhi’, Satyajeet Dubey shares with us his journey and experiences which would definitely inspire most of us who are reading the interview.

Q) What attracted you to, begin with, the career as an actor?

I remember a few things vaguely; I always wanted to be an actor. I couldn’t speak sentences properly but I could remember and recognize all the actors featured in the Sunday Times newspaper. I always wanted to turn my passion into my career and I always worked for it by practicing on my skills.

Q) How do you evaluate success within your role?

I always aim to give entire justice to the character I play. No matter how big or small the role is; I give my 100% and get involved in the environment created so that I can indulge in the character, feel that gust of emotions while enacting and thus, live in the character’s moment. I like playing challenging roles because that is how I get to know my range, versatility, and flexibility.

Q) There must have been stressful or difficult situations in your career. Can you share with us how you dealt with them?

I come from a background where there was no scope of acting and nobody to ask help from. It got to me and became difficult for me. But I always believed in myself and my family supported me a lot which was essential at that time. Depression is a phase in everyone’s life, I think, but we all should try to come out of it. We should come out as a stronger person after facing hardships. It’s a very popular saying in Hindi “Tu khud hi ulajhta hai, tu khud hi sulajhta hai” (You create problems and you, only solve them). It happened with me as well. The struggles I faced only made me confident and I’m glad that I was a consistent fighter.

Q) Coming from Chattisgarh, how long did it take to settle in Mumbai?

Well, it is rightly said; Mumbai, The city of dreams! It’s been 7 years now and I feel like I’m still settling. Leaving my family behind was not easy for me, but my passion for acting drove me here. I wanted to explore, I wanted to learn and never stop trying. Meeting new people, making new friends and out of them, some become companions. It’s always been a sweet memory when I look into my past. That helped me adjust to the city.

Q) Any message for all the youngsters, aspiring to become an actor?

You should never stop trying. Working hard and consistency are the only keys to success. Never run behind money or fame, they should never become a primary motive. Indulge in activities and hobbies; be it running, swimming, dancing, reading, etc. to keep you uplifted. Remember to just not follow the trend but, rather become a trend.

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