Uttar Pradesh government joins hands with FICCI to pave the way for entrepreneurs at Investors Summit 2018

Uttar Pradesh government joins hands with FICCI to pave the way for entrepreneurs at Investors Summit 2018

“In order to succeed, your desire for success should be greater than your fear of failure”. To most common men, these lines may barely serve as a source of little or no motivation, but these lines don’t serve the common man, they serve a special breed of a select few men and women, a breed which has seen a tremendous increase in the 21st century. These lines are the very basis, the very principle these men and women follow, individuals who have dedicated their life standing by these words and most importantly believing in it and so began a revolution and the rise of these breed of man and women, the entrepreneurs. But although the idea of working on your own, making something big of an idea you got maybe while you were at a friend’s party or while you were in the washroom is very tempting, it is also at the same time very challenging.

There are million different problems an entrepreneur goes through just when they start out. It is no surprise that a considerable amount of such people have to kill their dreams because of these problems. But why do we dream? Only to one day live it and nothing should be able to take it away from us. Though it is easier said than done these problems are very real and are a cause of concern, the biggest of them being money. Unless you are from a wealthy family background or have a support system that can help you out, financing your dreams is the biggest problems that entrepreneurs of the current generation face. With the rapid increase in competition, it’s not an easy task to find funding especially when there are a million other ideas out there and probably a lot similar to yours. But this should by no means demotivate you, believe in your idea, believe in the change your idea can bring and never give up.

But even on a rainy day, it’s not all dark and grey and recently the sun shined that will give such individuals the ray of hope and confidence they were looking for. At Investors Summit 2018, Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath announced a corpus of Rs. 1000 crore to help build and promote startups and entrepreneurial ventures. In order to fulfill this the Uttar Pradesh government joined hands with the FICCI or the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry. At a round table meeting with the FICCI, plans to significantly scale up existing talent and also nurture innovations, startups and entrepreneurship that could be used for the betterment of the state were discussed.

To furthermore give a definite form to this initiative, the vent was also administered by Sanjiv Saran, Additional Chief Secretary, IT and Electronics for the government of Uttar Pradesh who also announced the state government’s aim to build the largest incubator for such innovations and startups in the country. He further showered some light on the government’s plan on seven new software technology parks that would be equipped with mentors and mentee and that the government has tied up with the country’s best institutes like IIT Kanpur, IIM Lucknow, IT hubs and FICCI.

Furthermore, Nirankar Saxena, Deputy Secretary General of the FICCI, spoke about how important a role the FICCI has in this initiative in bringing such talent from around the country and promoting them both domestically and internationally. He also mentioned that through the partnership of the Uttar Pradesh government and the FICCI, 10,000 new jobs would be created every year with a majority of it aimed on the rural population and towards increasing farmer’s income.

Technology has been able to age the gap for the urban population but the rural population still haven’t been explored and therefore holds enormous potential that can be distributed to small and medium enterprises to accelerate them and help create a suitable livelihood in the state. The event served as a platform for innovators, startups and entrepreneurs to discuss and help make policies and decisions to help the cause of entrepreneurship. It also showed the interest of the Yogi Adityanath government to create such an infrastructure to nurture and build an environment for such development in India. Opportunity doesn’t always knock on your door, if it does, don’t waste it, if it doesn’t, build your own.

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