Violence Against Men – A commonly overlooked factor in our society giving rise to gender injustice.

“Bride tortured to death for dowry, a woman beaten by his husband, Raped …….”
This is what we get to hear every other day. All this and what not, turn the pages of any newspaper randomly and you will find such news very prevalent. These are all we come to know through different forms of media, but there are many more cases which go unreported every day. In our society, violence is bursting. It has spread all across the country. It is crossing all social classes, genders and age groups. It has become a legacy which is passed from gender to gender.
But why do we only get to know about cases where women are assaulted. Undoubtedly , violence against women is a problem of NATIONAL IMPORTANCE, but has anyone ever asked how often men are beaten by women.No, right? Though we call our society to be male dominated ,violence against men is a well documented phenomenon which is completely ignored by the society and the media.
Battery of men has become a concerned issue.In India, compared to violence against women, violence against men is less frequent but it has already taken a deadly shape in many of the western countries by now. Abused husbands are either ignored or subjected to ridicule by the society. People who consider themselves open minded, even they have a tough time imagining that such an abuse can take place.
According to Police reports there is a ratio of 12 to 14.5 female victims to every one to two male victims. Though the violence against men is fairly rare as compared to female but why is it completely ignored? One reason as most say is because women are seen as weaker and more helpless than men and men on the other hand were seen as more sturdy and self – reliant. A study was done which compared male and female domestic violence. In that study it was found that 47% of the men had done physical violence on wife while 33% of the wives had used physical violence on husband.
There are so many cases where men are assaulted. But are actions taken as in the case of a women?
”Domestic Violence” in India against men is not recognized by the law. The general perception is that men cannot be victims of violence. ”Domestic Violence cases are to be resolved in six months, but this never happens. Once a case is filed, the husband has to attend every hearing-otherwise he is viewed as the wrongdoer in the court’s eyes. But, there are no questions raised if the woman doesn’t attend hearing”
Violence against men has increased since the past years. But why isn’t it taken as seriously as in the case of a woman. We talk about equality , but what about equality in this case. Therefore, required actions must be taken . Accused must be punished and justice should prevail irrespective of gender.

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