Viral video released by Chinese media, mocking and accusing Indians of crossing the frenemy line.

While the entire nation was busy celebrating its 70th year of independence on the 15th of August, the soldiers at Ladakh were not quite in a celebratory situation. A video has just started doing social media rounds in which Indian soldiers can be seen countering Chinese troops’ provocation with stones and rods.

The incident took place when the Chinese troops tried to enter India along the banks of the Pangong Lake and were stopped by Indian soldiers.

Mainly, the video shows Indian and Chinese soldiers indulging in stone pelting and physically fighting each other. The video emerged a day after India officially confirmed that an incident took place between the troops of the two countries in Ladakh. Even though India and China haven’t necessarily always been on the same page, but violence between the two countries have been rare. The clashes in Ladakh are a first in years.

The scuffle was brought under control after about two hours of mayhem, following which high ranking officials met in Chushul, Ladakh to find a solution to the frequent tensions erupting around that area since it obviously disrupts the tranquillity at the border which isn’t in the best interest of both parties.

Following the two month long Doklam stand-off between the two Armies, Chinese media stooped lower on the courtesy level when they released a video mocking and accusing India which can only be seen as a try at racism by them since the actor in the video tries a poor impersonation of a Sikh man with a turban and fake beard.

The point of the video was to accuse India of 7 sins in a pathetically ‘humorous’ way. Some of the ‘sins’ were trespassing, law breaking, being a robber and a bad neighbour. All of these accusations were based on facts which were moulded according to their taste which painted a tainted image of India. Sensibility and objectivity seemed to have flown away. This act of the Chinese media can frankly be considered very childish and immature as if a kid fighting over something petty.

Being neighbours, both the countries ought to live in a civilised and amicably because there are much bigger issues at hand to be handled collectively.  Resorting to such childish behaviour and terming them ‘humorous’ doesn’t bring up any solution and is a rather desperate attempt to save their respect only making them look weaker.


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