Wanderers paradise, now a haunted place: Delhi smog

The smog in Delhi has made the "Wanderers Paradise" a haunted place

Winters, the time when getting out of the blanket suddenly becomes the most difficult task of your life! So we all decided to make our blanket so huge that it fits in, the whole city and we have to never really get out of it!

This is what we have done over the past few years that now Delhi is covered with a choking blanket of smog, thanks to all the hard work put through for making this blanket, now we can live under it.

Delhi air quality has got quadruple of the severe level

Do you remember the game of hide and seek where you needed some object to hide behind while you waited for the denner to seek you? Well, now you don’t need any object, you can just distant yourself 100 meters from someone and there you are gone, just vanish! Poof!

Photographers must be very happy to capture the beauty of the city now, as now they do not have to opt for additional blur effect, as the smoke has made everything clear. So now they just need to focus on the subject and leave everything else to their friend nature Viola!

On the serious note, there are some hazardous reasons to worry about, as the Delhi air quality has got quadruple of the severe level.  Indian Medical Association, (IMA) has announced public health emergency and all the Delhi primary schools up to class V have been shut down till Sunday.  Environment and pollution (prevention and control) authority has put up a ban on the civil construction and demolition activities in Delhi. Citizens are complaining about headaches, burning eyes, difficulty in breathing, runny noses and a depressive mood.

Delhi is covered with a choking blanket of smog

Where in between Delhiites are posting their ‘Poll-Fie’, with a face mask to prevent themselves from the bad air quality, on the social media. The worsening air quality in Delhi has left the expats in a dilemma about whether to stay in the national capital or leave, for their respective countries.

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