Few ways to make the V-Day extremely delightful

“I love thee to the depth and breadth and height my soul can reach”

Love is like providing nourishment to your soul, it’s the strength one shows in confiding oneself to the other, it’s the selflessness when one puts others happiness above their own joy. And celebrating this joy is essential to celebrate the success of finding someone meaningful in life.

This valentines let’s look ahead of flowers and chocolates and seek to understand our partners in a deeper more allusive way, for valentines is mere a reason to express and revive the love hidden behind the mask of regularity. Here are some ways through which you and your partner can make the V-Day extremely delightful and memorable.

Remember the little things.

First thing first, you cannot make your valentine’s day special if you forget its valentine’s and treat it like a normal day. Remember the little things your partner likes or do something they never anticipate you’d do. Make breakfast for them or wake them up with a little song you were hooked to when you guys first met, dance to it and start off the day on a very positive note.

Do something nice together.

Valentine’s is not just about expressing love to your partner but to your family, friends, environment and the entire universe in general. You ought to be grateful for existing so why not give it back to the universe with love. Adopt a homeless animal, share the boundless joy of owning and living with a pet. Visit a geriatric care center or an orphanage; spread your love to those who crave for it. There is no other kind happiness that can substitute seeing someone happy because of you and it becomes more meaningful when you do it with your partner.

Do something new

Every couple has a different story, a different journey and different memories created together. But sometimes we forget to rewrite the story, add to the length of the journey and make new memories. Take the Breakfast at Tiffany’s cue and do something crazy with your partner, go on that adventurous trek you were too scared to go to, try a different cuisine, attend a cultural meet, go to an art gallery, skydive or bungee jump for the first time or just watch a movie of the genre you hadn’t tried before. Whatever you do make sure it excites the two of you and make the best out of it.

Make a few changes

People aren’t perfect so aren’t relationships and no relationship is supposed to be rosy always. It’s utopian and boring. Fights, arguments and misjudgments are inevitable. The real deal is when you accept the flaws and embrace the imperfections. Try talking things out with your partner if you’re going through a rough patch, make small notes where you can write your insecurities and disagreements. Remember to put yourself in the other person’s shoe.

Make a journal where you can write mutually agreed changes required in your relationship as well as your lifestyle. Probably quit smoking together or decide to hit the gym everyday together.


Sometimes there are looming blankets of change and misfit in a relationship and it certainly can get tough to deal with that sort of anxiety, but realizing that through all the darkness, fear and dispute you had them and that their mere presence is magically enough. Appreciate your partner; appreciate the fact that you have them. Let them know you appreciate it. Book a table at their favorite rooftop restaurant, sing a little song and let them laugh at you, go on a long drive, spend some time with each other, write a little note to appreciate everything they do for you.

Be Romantic.

Valentine’s Day is never complete with you not being romantic. Passion, intimacy and commitment are the three factors to a secure, healthy relationship. While you know you are committed to your partner you need to time and again ignite the passion and rekindle intimacy you had lost with time. Do things that make you feel connected and attached to each other, put efforts in grooming, clean up the room together, cook together, go on a romantic dinner, send by some surprise gift to their respective office, go for a spa session together, take a late night stole, watch some SRK movie and recite your favorite dialogues, recreate your first date, unabashedly flirt with each other and relive older times.

So go ahead, jubilate this wonderful day of love and togetherness with your partner for it comes once in a year and you have a whole year to reminiscence the day until the next one. So make it memorable, exciting, meaningful and special.

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