Because we’ve been and are experiencing the best of ‘em all.

Time flies. We, 90’s kids, are full grown adults now. But hey! Not just our age, but the times too have developed a lot. And like our parents and grandparents, we too have started using phrases like “Back during our times…”. Not just the phrases, but we get nostalgic too when we come across instances that reflect the good olden days. However, the advancements made have been open to debate. So, I hereby let you readers, be the judge of this evolution.

By each passing day, other than the dates, the era has modified too. Gone are those days of hand-written letters, which sacrificed themselves in order to save paper, as well as to let digitalization take over. The exchange of emotions and meaning is now preferred instantaneously, through messaging, rather than waiting for days for just a revert. Gadgets and technology have made life docile to such an extent, that a single smart phone has taken over the roles of multiple appliances, like cameras, iPods, typewriters, telephones, and to an extent, even cinema. Computers and laptops too have lost their charm in front of smart-phones. I can’t think of a business that a smart-phone finds difficult to accomplish.

While cassettes and walkmans were the prerequisites of that generation, pen-drives and online browsing is today’s need. When changing rolls was a painstaking task in the cameras then, digital cameras with removable SD cards have brought in unlimited storage capacity with themselves, eliminating and extinguishing the errand of getting films developed and printed.

Lifestyle of humans has undergone drastic changes too. With women empowerment and gender equality being the rights we fight for, intolerance and freedom of speech is what we talk about. Coming out and being opiniated was a rare sight then, but presently, the number of liberal minds is multiplying. With feminists taking stands, the ratio of men is to women, in work-place, has bolstered up drastically. The children of the day do not seek for being taught how to operate appliances but are rather born tech-savvy. Not only is the youth technology-friendly, but street smart too. Even though not explicitly taught, these little ones are able to grasp and behave like we could never even have imagines. While we were busy enjoying our summer vacations at our grandmother’s or playing in the gardens, these innocent beings are occupied with several classes and summer camps, that make them further intelligent and talented. It wouldn’t amaze me if you are left flabbergasted after seeing a twelve-year old being a pro at DIYs or knowing hacks to the smallest of the things, all while wondering and picturing how you were, when you were twelve.

The thoughts of not only grown-ups, but also the kids have changed. Asking for rationales behind each principle or statement is a habituated practice now, which was considered as back-answering then. The choice of life-partners, friends and the lifestyle in totality, have altered. Expenditure on luxurious items is expanding by the day, with competition in all walks of life, including academics, is beyond all boundaries.

Having the fashion trends resurfaced? Well.. There are fads that are unique to just this generation. Ripped clothes is one such vogue that has taken the clothing stores by a storm. When, back then, adolescents looked up to their parents for fashion trends, the new-generation has their own style statements being made at a very tender age. Being influenced by the western world was not as easy as it is today, because trends took forever to reach us then.

Infrastructural changes accompanied by technology has caused severe advancement which in turn, has affected lives enormously. I remember the days when I used to go to various different markets with my mother, just to buy the right stuff we were looking for. However, today, one supermarket is all I need to visit, that not only guarantees the best price, but best quality too. To top it all, internet has made me lazier, as my requirements are fulfilled by just a click. I don’t need to have a phone directory with thousands of numbers being stored under various professions, all I need is a few applications. Searching for a taxi in the scorching heat was an achievement, which has now been berated by cool cabs being available on a single touch. Hours in the queue for railway bookings has been converted to minutes of browsing on the internet. Be it clothes shopping, grocery shopping or even luxurious items, all I need is a smart phone, which is smarter than me, as it knows what I want, more than I do.

Way of communication has been acclimated too. there was a time when catching up with friends was a ritual not to be broken. Today, we do socialize, but that is highly virtual and with apparent strangers than with known people. Even when with the loved ones in the same room, we prefer social networks and messaging apps to communicate with others who are not present. And when with these others, we converse with the ones we were in the room with, over the phone. Outdoor games, just like gardens, have vanished. You would be lucky to come across a child being aware of games like ‘lagori’, ‘sakli’, ‘dodge ball’ and the like. Video games too, which once consisted of ‘Super Mario’ have now been substituted with PS 4, being the latest edition in the world of gaming.

Nature of cartoons, serials, movies and songs have also seen diversification. While the cartoons then highlighted and concentrated on spreading an educational message, the ones today are more entertainment based. The language used has also altered to levels unknown. Back then, waiting for Sundays for new episodes of ‘Shaktimaan’ was a craze, while now, ‘Netflix and chill’ is what the motto is, throughout the week. Watching purely entertainment-based movies was what people paid for in single-screens, while today, movies on social and political causes is what people spend on, in multiplexes. While singing ‘breathless’ successfully was an accomplishment, raps have made lives a lot different.

Whatever it may be, change is the only thing constant, and formation of memories is what will always go hand-in-hand with this change. Like our ancestors and ourselves, the generation of today too might speak of nostalgia day after, about the changes that are going to be made tomorrow. So, let’s cherish what we’ve had, live what we have and get excited for what we’ll get. Flaws have existed and will endlessly exist, but what we can do is to capture the best of ‘em all and treasure the experiences forever. Because even tomorrow we’d say, “those were the best days of my life.”

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