What does a cow go through, so you can have your glass of milk?

The dairy industry is flourishing throughout the year, as the demand for dairy products never goes low. But did you know, as a matter-of-fact, that cows can only produce milk till the time their young calf needs the nursing? Once the calf is capable of relying on other sources for nourishment, the cow stops producing milk.

Quite a majority of the population is still unaware that the milk they get, is produced by the cow for feeding her calf, and that the people engaged in this business, do not let the calf have a good share of milk, and get all of it for their own business services instead. We can establish that this can be considered a form of animal cruelty.

Another gruesome act, that the cows are made to go through, is called Artificial Insemination. As mentioned earlier, cows only produce milk to feed their calves, until they come of age to look for other sources of nourishment. But the demand for dairy products, especially milk, which acts as a raw material for a variety of processed food items, remains constant. Thus, to cater to this demand, and make sure that a perennial supply of milk is available, people who are in the dairy industry and have cows, practice artificial insemination.

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In this practice, the cows are forcefully impregnated. The rape-rack is a narrow, chute like device, which is used to keep the cows restrained. The process then involves a person, inserting his arm in a cow’s rectum and using his other hand to insert a gun containing bull sperm in it, in a cow’s vagina. The sperm is then injected into the uterus, and the cow is thus, impregnated.

To make matters worse, once the calf is born, its separated from the mother cow so that all the milk produced can be utilized only for business purposes. The calf is sent to a slaughterhouse, or is let to grow and then made to go through the artificial insemination too.

If this was done to humans, it’d be called rape. Then why is this practice, that happens so often in the dairy farming industry, not recognized as sexual abuse or abuse towards animals in the least? Is it because of the fact, that this abuse is happening towards a mute animal, that we can simply ignore it and sip on our morning tea with no care at all?

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