What we see is not what it is

“People shall fight for justice, not die for it.”

For years, we have believed the things that we see. We have always failed to infiltrate and get to know the truth. The truth is often surrounded by illusions that make us to believe the false over the truth. Truth never triumphs unless it is seen as the truth. The naked eye is definitely not the tool to witness it. Truth is something that needs to be understood and believed rather than accepting what is seen. Justice has been framed irrespective of the gender, irrespective of the age, irrespective of the colour. But is it implemented in the same way?

“Truth never dies unless it is killed.”

There is a common misconception in our country. If a man and a woman are placed on either sides of a beam balance, the plate on which the woman is placed will be uplifted, suppressing the other plate without any justification to it. To the eyes of the society, a man is always seen as the suspect of a crime. When both poor and rich, on approaching the court for justice, the verdict varies.A man jumped off a building from the tenth-floor after continuous threats from his wife and in-laws. His wife somehow managed to turn the attention away from her by filing a dowry case against him and his parents. She also sued her in-laws a hefty sum post their son’s death. Her fake tears weighed more than the truth which made justice to fall on her side.

In another case, a young boy was murdered and his body was hanged inside house to portray it as a suicide. The boy’s family tried to prove it, but their efforts were in vain.

An African lady, on her visit to India, was harassed in public because of her skin color and her clothing style. She wasn’t allowed to board her train. When she approached the nearby police station, they refused to take action. These incidents create an element of doubt in our mind about the virtue of Justice.

“Instead of being blind it is better to stay quiet and act later.”

The impacts these partial judgements create on the society make us conclude that justice is blind. Let us not believe what we see, trust what we hear and accept what is said. Let us be brave enough to raise our voice in support of justice and help the truth to triumph.

“The Justice Lady shall not be blind folded anymore.”

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