Whatsapp is Introducing an Interesting Feature That Every User Must Know About.

WhatsApp has indicated that it will try and increase the power and authority of group admins where they enable the group admins to restrict messages, GIFs, etc, sent by members. ‘Restricted groups’ could see more control by admins.

Another new feature introduced is that if a group admin wishes, then the other group admin can be deleted or dismissed. According to WABetaInfo’s twitter handle that gives updates about the app, this feature has been spotted in the V2.18.12 beta version of iOS and Android.

Under this new feature, a group admin can now remove the second group admin as an administrator from the group. So far, if an administrator is to be removed from the party, then the participant has to be removed from the group. After this, it has to be linked to the group again to maintain it in the group. But in this new feature, the participant removed from the group can be demoted from being an admin.

For this, go to the group chat, click on the three dots shown on the right side. After that go to the Group Info section. In Group Info, you will see an option to dismiss an administrator without removing them from the group

This instant messaging app is also testing a new ‘Quick Switch’ feature to let users shift from voice call to video. According to WAbetainfo, the feature is already live in Android beta version of the app.

In the new Beta Update 2.18.4 of the app, users will be able to turn on voice calls during the video call. You will find the video chat switch button during the voice call. If the user presses it then the other person on the voice call,will be requested. If the user accepts the request then the ongoing voice call will turn into a video call.

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