Whole nation is divided in two, as Yogi becomes the new CM of UP

Image Source: The Indian Express

Uttar Pradesh i.e. UP, one of the most populous states of India with a population of around 200 million is known for its cattle, farming, Yadavs and also it’s ruling government SP which has now switched to BJP with Yogi Adityanath being appointed as the new CM. BJP has dethroned SP and has taught them a lesson that like they are ruling the center, they’ll continue to rule each and every state. Removal of SP has come as a huge shock to the whole nation but people of the state are happy about the change and this wing of BJP’s clearly depicts the change in people’s mentality while casting their votes.

But the focus is not only on BJP’s win but also on the sworn- in of BJP MP Yogi Adityanath as CM. A five-time MP from Gorakhpur constituency, he was for sure shot the most powerful candidate for the CMs post. He had his sworn – in ceremony 19th March 2017. The country has divided itself into two groups regarding the newly selected CM of UP. One group tends to support the decision while others are totally against it sighting past track- record of Yogi.

But those who stand in favor of the newly elected CM have a say that whatever he did in the past cannot be completely taken into consideration for the selection process. They emphasize more on the present scenario than the past incidents. No one can truly blame a person for his/her past. Plus, Yogi aims to focus on Poorvanchal as UP cannot prosper unless Poorvanchal prospers. So, of course Modi’s natural choice would be a strong, contending candidate from Poorvanchal only; thus it can be considered a great move by Mr. Modi. Moreover, it is believed that Yogi’s elevation can strengthen BJP’s ‘Hindutva’ establishment in the state, but chances are that this act might also give the opposition a fair chance to attack the saffron party on lines of ‘divisive politics’.

Whatever might be the future of UP, what really matters is that whosoever is appointed as the CM works for the betterment of society. Moreover, people need to think maturely and above anything fishy regarding the person’s history. The result is that Yogi Adityanath has moved on with flying colors and future of the state lies in his hands now.

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