Why being open about sexuality is important?

Sexuality is one of the most important human aspects. Still, the word “sex” is enough to make most of the Indians feel uncomfortable and offended. However, we can’t ignore our sexuality and negligence can be the reason of multiple problems. In the age of internet and technology when one click can open the doors to the answers of all our questions, discussing sex is still a taboo in homes, public places and schools.

Sex education should be a compulsory subject in schools and the teachers should not hesitate in clearing the doubts of the students in the friendliest manner because if they don’t get apt answers, they may head towards improper sources to find their answers, which can be dangerous. The parents should not react aggressively if their child asks about sex, periods or anything relating to gender and sex. They should be friendly in approach and talk to their child. This will not only bring the child closer to the parents but also remove the awkwardness between them.

Education isn’t only limited to sex. Both boys and girls should be taught about menstrual hygiene. More than 95% of Indian women are ashamed of their periods. The girls in rural areas are not given proper knowledge regarding their periods and how to deal with it. This result in most of them leaving their studies because either they feel that there is something wrong with their bodies or do not have proper sanitation facilities. They are also scared that if their classmates find out about it, they would make fun of her. If there will be proper education regarding this and both the girls and boys will be taught that this is a natural process which occurs in a women’s body and there is nothing to be ashamed of and even the boys should not shy away from helping any girl in such times, situations will be much better.

It is very disappointing that women hide these problems from their father, brother and even partner. If half of the humanity is facing this, it should be out in the open. This would make their lives so much easier.

Sex education can be a great measure in reducing teenage pregnancy as the larger part of the population involved in sex for the first time does not use precautions as they are either not aware of them or are not comfortable in buying it. It promotes safer sex and it is crucial for both the people to be informed about their bodies so that they can themselves decide what is right for them and what is not.

For years, women’s urge physical intimacy has been neglected. The sexual desires in women are more complex than men and are linked to her psychology than to her biology. Most of the Indian men still do not accept the fact that they are responsible for satisfying their partner and taking care of her comfort as much as their counterparts are. Both the partners are involved in it and hence both of them should be equally listened to. Gone are the days when men used to treat their partners as their assets and it was only the female to satisfy the man. Today, women are as much vocal about their needs as the men even though it is true that if a woman speaks out in public about it, she is still regarded as shameless which is sad. But the situations are changing gradually. Women now know what they want and don’t want in a relationship. Therefore, being today, it would be unfair if we don’t talk about all these in open. Hence, knowing about the sexuality of oneself and the other gender is extremely important.

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