Why Feminism And Not Equalism And Humanism? – A Male’s Perspective

Time and time again, people assert misunderstanding for the term “Feminism”.

If we have a look into the googled definition we’ll come across the meaning of feminism as “the advocacy of women’s rights on the ground of the equality of the sexes.” It ends with the phrase “equality of sexes”.

Of course feminism has always been a women’s advocacy movement. But by that very virtue, it is a movement of gender equality too, because women have often been and still are oppressed in comparison to men. Does that mean that men are not oppressed? No.

If we put it in layman’s language it is merely semantic that the term is circumscribed only to females.

Lately, feminism is shying away from being compared to equality. There is no doubt in the fact that there are occasions where women are oppressed and are not treated equally. They are denied their fundamental rights at times, indirectly through the atrocities that they have to face on a day to day routine.

Yes, feminism is a successful movement asking for female privilege and female entitlement but it still covers equality between genders which cannot be ignored. There are always going to be ignorant people who perhaps consider themselves as feminists and might have tried using feminism to shrug their accountability regarding something they’ve done or to excuse their ignorance. But that’s not what feminism is. And that’s generally not who feminists are.

A man can be a feminist and equally accept full subjectivity for all of the actions, as most of the female feminists do.

Don’t belong to “I’m not a feminist..but” type of crowd and look into the bigger picture i.e., general conception of feminism has become more of a gender specific term and the face of feminism doesn’t speak for male issues.

So I ask you, why feminism and not equalism or humanism?


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