Will dieting lead to the weight loss you imagined, or get you sick and unhealthy if not taken seriously?

‘Only a slim body is a fit one,’ is the notion a majority of people these days hold dear, especially women. In the process of losing weight, people tend to skip the necessary nutrients which must be included in their daily diets. In the rush to lose weight and flaunt a toned body, most of us forget the fact that our body too requires nutrients which are the main attributes that keep it going in the long run. Body shaming has become so common that an individual with more weight than the average, or too skinny than the usual, is made to feel out of place, which sometimes leads to frustration and the person ends up in depression. Staying fit is important, but lacking necessary nutrients in one’s diet in order to look slim is not a good idea.

Nutrition is important for a healthy lifestyle. Intake of proper nutrients pays in the later phase of life. Health experts advise that one must maintain a balanced diet which includes carbohydrates, vitamins, proteins and proper amount of fats. In the process of shaping one’s body to obtain a lean physique, individuals tend to neglect their health, which can be harmful in the long run.

Diets like Ketogenic and few others, claim weight loss at a faster pace than regular exercises, are becoming popular among youngsters these days, but these also have a negative impact on their lives. Such exercises can only be beneficial in giving short term results. A routine of regular exercise of minimum 45 minutes a day is recommended along with stress management to avoid emotional eating.

It is true to say that ‘one’s body is the only place where one has to live,’ hence it must be taken proper care of. Sedentary lifestyle from a tender age has added to the problem. Undoubtedly, there is a direct relation between the body’s physical and mental health. A healthy lifestyle is the key to a healthy mind.

Home-makers play a vital role in maintaining this balance and in enhancing the development of their child’s mental and physical health. Instead of buying ready-made food for infants, preparing a powdered form of cereals and rice at home, to increase its nutritional quotient is preferred. Although, canned and ready-to-eat food items in the market have made life convenient for most people, it is always better to give your child proper home cooked food to maintain their health. Also, juices can be replaced with fruits, as they contain roughage, which is an integral part of a healthy diet.

Incomplete knowledge makes the situation worse as there is a huge difference between remaining healthy and being in shape. A healthy diet should be consumed instead of focussing only on low-fat food. Proper intake of fruits is needed to not let one’s body feel weak or dull. According to gynaecologists, people need to be made more aware about the importance of consuming proper nutrients on a daily basis. Due to lack of knowledge, individuals, especially youngsters, have started staying away from fats to avoid gaining weight.

However, only a minor part of the population knows that fats are also necessary for the body in certain amounts as it helps in the absorption of particular vitamins like Vitamin A and D. These days, various hormonal issues are cropping up among majority of females from a young age, and this is due to intake of improper diet, which no doubt gives a lean body in the short term, but poses major health issues in later years of their life. These include Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, issues at the time of conceiving, weakening of bones, and many others.

As a matter of fact, paying excessive attention on the body’s shape and looks has transformed into a trend, especially among youngsters. Nevertheless, it is high time people realise that health must also be taken seriously.

Nutrition plays a key role in the life of sportspersons as well. While playing a sport, one tends to lose a lot of minerals from the body. To avoid muscle fatigue, players need to replenish them with a good amount of proteins and electrolytes. Instead of consuming 3 meals a day, for a sportsperson, it is suggested to switch to 8 small meals per day to maintain the required body weight. Also, it is extremely important for players to analyse their body’s requirements, what their body is able to synthesise, along with its deficiencies.

It is a stated fact that physical health is significantly related to mental health. If one has a sound body, one is certain to have a sound mind. Therefore, maximum attention should be paid on nutrition in our lives. Eat healthy, stay healthy!

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