Woman poses as a man, manages to marry two women, and is later arrested for torturing one for dowry And it’s not even a movie!

We have heard so many stories about men creating fake online identities as women and harassing others. But in a bizarre impersonation incident, a woman was arrested for pretending to be a man, tricking two women into marrying her and allegedly abusing one of her ‘wives’ for dowry in Nainital, police in Uttarakhand’s Haldwani reported on Thursday.

According to Janmejay Khanduri, Nainital’s senior superintendent of police, the woman has been identified as Sweety Sen, a resident of Dhampur in Uttar Pradesh’s Bijnore. She has always been known for her tomboyish personality. Khanduri added,“The lady used to pose as a man in terms of looks and enticed women on Facebook and later married them.”

Police have found out that Sen created a Facebook profile in the name of Krishna Sen in 2013 and uploaded photos convincingly posing as a man. She then allegedly befriended and chatted with several women on social media. Sen was taken into custody on Feb 14 on charges of embezzlement, impersonation and deceit and forgery.

In 2014, Sen took a trip to Haldwani’s Kathgodam area to meet a woman, identified as Kamini, she became friends with online. She introduced herself to the Uttarakhand woman as the son of a cfl businessman from Aligarh, according to the police. Later that year, the two women got married. Shortly after their wedding, Sen allegedly started tormenting Kamini, who holds two masters degrees, pressing her for dowry. Sen also allegedly acquired an amount Rs 8.5 lakh from Kamini’s family. Kamini mentioned how Krishna behaved like a man, was used to heavy smoking and drinking and how she received death threats from her ‘husband’ after Krishna married another woman.

All these time, sen successfully concealed her identity as a woman. Two years later, in April 2016, she persuaded another woman from Uttarakhand’s Kaladhungi town to marry her. According to the report of The Hindustan Times, The “second wife”, identified as Nisha, was a guest during Sen’s first wedding to Kamini. Sen also managed to keep both of her ‘wives’ in a rented apartment in Tikoniya area of Haldwani.

It was only the girl from Kaladhungi who finally figured out that Krishna was not a man. But she was offered money in exchange for her silence. But Nisha later filed a report with the Haldwani Police on the grounds of dowry demands and threats. Police made the arrest following her complaint.

Sen was quoted as having said that she prefered to dress up as a boy since her childhood and chose haircuts suited to look the part. She enjoyed driving motorcycles and smoking cigarettes. The police have reported that after her ‘marriages’, Sen allegedly did not allow the women to look at her body or touch her. She had also found other alternatives to consummate the marriages. It was concluded by a medical examination that Sen indeed is a woman biologically.

Initially, Sen was charged with dowry related harassment. But later the complaint was modified as forgery instead of dowry since none of her unions qualify as matrimony and technically she was never a husband.

Police are now on the lookout for Sen’s family who graced both of her weddings with their presence and allegedly visited the homes of the two deceived women. It would be interesting to see which way the case progresses from here.

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