Working for water conservation and allied activities, it’s the Tahaan Organisation

People who do social work are very noble in nature and believe in providing privileges to the underprivileged, giving back to nature by preserving and conserving the natural resources and living in harmony with other living organisms.

Such is an organization named ‘Tahan’ which works in the water conservation and allied activities’ segment. We had a conversation with Raveena More who fed our curiosity about the organization.

Q) What inspired you to take up this particular field of social work? 

While all of us were aware of the judicious use of water, the drought of 2016 that prevailed across 3/4th of Maharashtra really shook us. When we visited the drought-affected villages for surveys, we saw that each and every well in the villages had dried. The little water that was available was dark brown in colour, and so dirty that one would not even want to touch it. The road to alleviate the situation that faces these villages yearly is long, but we need to start somewhere. Hence, we decided to get together and start working to solve the water problems. 

 Q) What are the various projects have you undertaken till date?

We supplied water to more than 20 villages in the western part of Pune district during last year’s drought. More than 500 tanker trips were done in all. We also conducted street plays and awareness drives in these villages. This was followed by a tree plantation activity supported by the Government of Maharastra on 1st July where we planted more than 5000 trees in the villages. This year, we have started a tree adoption program on Taljai hill in Pune. We also conducted a drawing competition for the tree adopters’ families. We plan to expand to other hills also. We are also starting rural projects in the next week to supply water to the drought affected villages and improve the water literacy. There are more programs we are looking at, but it is too early to talk about them now. We started off in 2016, so we are still young as a team. 

Image source: Tahaan Organisation

 Q) Is there any striking experience of yours, in this journey, which you’d like to share with our readers?

Recently a new volunteer has joined the team, his name is Laksh. While the Tahaan team was having a meeting last week, at Sambhaji Garden, to discuss the water problems in some villages, he was silently listening. And he said, “But I have a question. If these villages know that they are going to have water shortage, why don’t they save the water from the beginning itself?” 

Laksh is just 7 years old, our youngest volunteer. If a kid at his age can understand that the solution to such a big problem is so simple, why do we, as adults, still fail to remember it everyday? Nature has enough for everybody’s needs, not everybody’s greed.

 Q) How many members are in the team of Tahaan?

Tahaan is a team of around 30 volunteers which is a mix of students and working professionals. We work in the water conservation and allied activities segment. 

 Q) Tell us about your future plans in regards to the organization?

There are different customised water conservation plans chalked out for some villages, which are on the cards. At the same time, the Tahaan team is also planning some school projects, rainwater harvesting and water conservation programs for urban areas. We have received requests from different parts of the countries calling for projects. We will look into them as well. 

Q) What is your message to the society?

Each of you must have felt at some point or the other, that things are not right around you. When you are so frustrated with them that you feel like changing them once and for all. But as soon as that thought arises, you start feeling that how much difference will my action actually do? Am I capable of doing this? After all, if this was so simple, this problem wouldn’t have arised at all. 

It is at this moment exactly that you shouldn’t quit. Whatever you can do from your side, you must push for it and give it your best. Whether the problem is in the society, at your workplace, your home, in your relationship – take that step to break the ice and get things going. Good things will follow! And if you aim to work towards water conservation and nature restoration, the doors of Tahaan are open! Join us!



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