Working on the body and mind: In talk with Yoga instructor Madhuri Verma

The fad for a good, healthy body has taken the world by storm. Gymming, CrossFit, Aerobics, Yoga have all been introduced on a big level in every nook and corner of our streets. The awareness of having a fit body can be seen everywhere. Be it getting motivated by movie celebs or models, it is surely beneficial for us. The satisfaction and happiness one gets from their health is amazing and contagious.

Healthy people motivate all. Everyone admires a fit individual. To push our readers towards a better lifestyle, we got in a conversation with Madhuri Verma who is a Yogini. She has been a loyal practicer of Yoga for the past 13 years.

When were you first introduced to Yoga?
My earliest memories of yoga were very young. My father used to perform Sheershasana at home. It was the era of black and white television. There was only one channel- Doordarshan. A guru used to come on it and perform yoga. He was my grandfather’s friend. I was never formally introduced to it but I knew that the guru used to guide my dad for yoga. When I was in middle school, yoga was an extra- curricular activity in my school. We had one period of yoga. Now that I remember, I used to do well as I was very flexible. I only took it as a subject. Then after i got married, I developed chronic acidity problem. I consulted many doctors and took various treatments. They would help me initially it but only temporarily. I remember clearly, one day my mom told me to switch on the tv as there was a yoga guru doing asanas on it. It was Ram Dev Ji. He was performing yoga and telling their benefits simultaneously. It was magnetic to watch and I ended up watching the whole show. I continued to watch it for days to come. I liked watching his show and soon started doing yoga myself. Very later in life, i got to know that the reason my grandfather had glowing skin even at the age of 82 was because of doing Yoga. I have his passion. My grandfather, father, mother, sister- everyone does yoga. Yoga is in my blood.

How has Yoga affected your life?
Health wise, I never expected that my acidity would get cured by Yoga. I took it more as a physical exercise than a treatment. It was a miracle for me that my acidity got cured. I didn’t even realize it. Gradually I started feeling more rejuvenated, energetic, more stamina, and good about myself. Yoga has also provided me mental peace over the years. I meditate too. It has combined with Yoga and made me more focused in life.

Performing ‘Garbhasana’ on Arambol beach, Goa

When and how did you decide to become a professional Yoga instructor?
I have been doing yoga for the past 13 years at home on my own. One day I decided to join yoga under an instructor. I realised how much more I enjoyed it and I became more skilled and confident. People started looking up to me because I could do better than a lot of them. Years of Yoga practice has made my body flexible and fit.

Who is your yoga inspiration?
Ram Dev Ji is the main inspiration for me. I also follow a lot of people on Facebook, Instagram and Youtube who are in the same field. They motivate me everyday. But of course, I still have a long way to go.

Why would you recommend yoga to our readers at FT Broadcast?
Firstly, Yoga makes a person fit. Only when one is fit can he focus on his day to day life, his relationships and whatever he does. Secondly, other activities like gym will make a person fit externally and of course increase strength. However, Yoga deals with your inner- self. It connects your body to your soul, providing relaxation. Internal organs become healthy. It makes the body flexible which is important especially in old age. It gives mental peace. Once you perform yoga in the morning you feel rejuvenated all day regardless of your age. I don’t discourage gym or aerobics. But Yoga is something that everyone should adopt. It can be practiced at any age and stage of life. You don’t need any types of equipment. Anyone can do it, anywhere. One should start as young as possible- even at 5 years of age! Yoga also enhances beauty and youth. It boosts your self-confidence.

What is your Yoga mantra?
I strongly follow the saying- ‘Never underestimate a woman with a yoga mat’.

Madhuri’s zeal is infectious. She was enthusiastic in telling us about her journey. She wants to motivate everyone to walk on the path of health. She knows that to lead a good and fit life, one has to put in efforts, push themselves everyday. But in the end, it is all worth it. We second her.
You can contact her for Yoga classes at [email protected]

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